Friday, May 30, 2008

The Three of Us

We don't get too many occasions to have a photo of the three of us together. My mother caught us during a recent day spent casually moving. (We're only going a few miles and have weeks to do it, with a stopover at my parents'.) So here's the whole little family!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Deck-chair Duo

We will certainly miss some things about living in this house (we're moving in a week, from our current house-sitting arrangement to our own apartment). This place has quite a lovely backyard that we were enjoying, up until the weather turned wet and cold. Paul claims to like this, but I believe he's just saying it out of national pride. He certainly doesn't poke his nose outside any more than he absolutely has to.

Fearless Explorer Succumbs (Briefly) to Nostalgia

Despite his expanding horizons, Leo hasn't forgotten the old folks he's leaving behind. He likes to look back and check that we are still around. Yes, we're here for you, Leo.

Boys with Books

Physical accomplishments aside, Leo also wishes his public to know that he enjoys a quiet read every now and then, too. Just like his parents (although ironically they have been enjoying that pleasure somewhat less frequently in recent months...). His favorite book is Little Lost Duck, a gift from great-aunt Josephine. A poignant "quest" tome in the tradition of the Odyssey and Lord of the Rings, in which the little lost duck looks for the other little ducks, and -- not to spoil it for you -- finds them.

The Seat of His Pants... starting to get some wear. Yup, our little Leo is starting to plump down on his tush, though still steadying himself with one or two hands, in a variation of crawling mode, for the most part. It's a whole new view on the world. But his accomplishment hasn't gone to his head (probably because now he knows what it feels like to keel over and bump his head from a higher height--ouch!). Here he is caught in his new act by my mother.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

What a difference a year makes. Happy Mother's Day Noemi! This time last year we celebrated the little Leo lurking in your tummy (although at the time he was operating under his codename, "the kumquat"). Now he is out and nibbling on our slippers. Here's a little summary of the great escape.

I'm a very lucky husband and daddy. Also a lucky son. And son-in-law. And sibling. And so on. In short, I'm feeling lucky.

Looking forward to next year, and all the years after!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Caught in the Act

Who, me?

The scope for getting into mischief has widened, now that Leo can shimmy toward the things he wants to grab and put in his mouth, and doesn't have to wait for them to show up in his vicinity. One of his top fave activities: sneaking up to Daddy's shoelaces, untying them, and chewing. Yum.