Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Totally Transported

Giddy up, Granny Ann!

Cruising in a chair-car with Aoife.

Little tractor...

BIG tractor!

Fire engine/knight's steed.

My turn to be the transport. Pulling a seaweed trailer in Tramore.

Moissonneuses Batteuses! Combine Harvesters!

Uncle Declan gave me a ride in his combine harvester!

Can you see me? I'm sitting on my cousin Aine, wearing blue boots and red pants, a few meters from hundreds of sharp spinning blades. My dad was a bit nervous about this, but that apparently didn't stop him taking pictures.

When I got back to Granny Ann's, I re-enacted the whole thing (with fewer blades). I like Ireland!

Person at the Window

Dali style...

...and Leo style.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Leo Meets the San Lorenzo Lions

Miarowr. Sad. So sad. Ever so sad. And what's this? Ahrgh. To make things worse, here is this boy, this obnoxiously happy boy. I'll ignore him. Perhaps he'll go away.

He's not going away. I'll ignore him harder.


La Dolce Vita

Keeping cool in Piazza de Ferrari, Genova, Italy.