Saturday, April 2, 2011

Made by Lait Eau

The other day, Leo reminded us how he learned his name with this creation:

Milk-water, lait-eau, Leo!

Here's a train locomotive he put together from some multi-colored pasta his Papi gave him:

A train bridge:

A stylized car:

A laptop. The screen, he says, is flickr, and the keyboard is youtube:

A ticket inspection. This is the only piece of work in this post that isn't all Leo's work. The controllers on the local train are unfailingly kind to him and make funny faces on our tickets:

An ultrasaur! Don't worry if it is hard to see...

... because Leo's here to explain it all:

translation: [dad] so what is it? [leo] an ultrasaur - a dinosaur that has a long neck and is bigger than a titanosaur. [dad] wow-wow-wow. [leo] with... he has... this one is multicolored, with very very long legs [dad] yes, where are the legs? [leo] the legs are there, and there's another part there, and a part there like that, and another part there. [dad] and the head? [leo] the head is at the end there, that's the head. [dad] and the tail? [leo] the tail is there, there. [dad] it is very nice. [leo] yes.