Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Nyummy Valentine

Mother and I made a cake for Valentine's day:

I had an idea: how about we eat it?

Mmm, do I detect a subtle hint of je ne sais quoi, oh, I know, HUGE AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE? Must be from the secret ingredient I added, a HUGE BAR OF CHOCOLATE.

It has been pretty snowy around us recently.

I've had my work cut out for me, clearing all this snow.

There's really a lot of it in our park (and you can see which way the wind was blowing).

It is a lot of work to clear, and there's nowhere to sit and rest.

I decided to be less ambitious and just clear our own yard, with Mum's help.

But it was still fairly daunting.

Mother didn't last very long.

I didn't get to playschool much this week, but when I did I got to go on a double-decker train rather than the regular one-floor train!

I'm a big train fan. Luckily my dog is an excellent engineer and helps with the care and maintenance of my train fleet at home.

But it isn't all fun and trains at home...