Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grown up

Leo has changed so much in the past month. Now he really looks like a little boy and not like a baby anymore. Our friend Leslie came to visit this past weekend and took some gorgeous photos of Leo. Paul looks pretty good too. I like this one, where they are both raising their eyebrows:

Watch out...

... he is coming for you!

Center of the universe: me

'nough said.

I can make the carrot disappear

Leo can now pick up and eat food himself. This has made meal-times a lot more entertaining for everyone. When he is not chewing on a hunk of bread, he is stuffing potato and carrot into his mouth. See for yourself:

Where did it go?

Here it is.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day

OK yes it was well over a week ago. They are still father and son though, and good-lookin' to boot.


So the reason we have not been posting lately is that we are moving into a new apartment. Leo is helping us all he can but somehow this is not making it easier for us to sit around and post things to the Internet. Here he is helping us unpack, and order our first take-out dinner courtesy of our new landlord, and do the dishes.

The Sharing of the Bread

Yes this challah bread is bigger than my head. But I want it all! All!

OK, I am willing to share with my dad.

A video of the sharing is below (a little distorted, sorry).

Who needs TV?

...when you have Noemi's vast arsenal of shadow-puppets at your disposal? It's a good thing Leo is pretty easily entertained at this age...

Debout! Standing!

Leo went very quickly from sitting to standing. And now he's grabbed control of the remote. He is unstoppable.

So many good things to eat

There's nothing Leo likes better than munching on a hunk of bread. But there's a lot of things he likes just about as much. And M'amie Annie and Grand-Pe' love to feed him, so they get along very well.

Snoozing in the Garden with M'amie

Another historical photo. Leo doesn't often fall asleep in the stroller anymore; he is too interested in sitting up and looking at everything. M'amie Annie managed to get him to sleep though, and this gave her time to read (I think) Crime and Punishment (not the whole thing).


Boy are we behind. And Leo has been shooting ahead. First on his elbows, now on his hands and one knee and one foot -- soon just on his own two feet, if he has his way. Here is a video of him attacking the camera from about a month ago.