Friday, October 23, 2009

World of Words

'allo, 'allo!

pot! pot! An-na! [the lion that Anna gave him in Italy--thank you, he loves it! This was the first name he learned... he prefers to learn the names of people who give him presents]

tchuh-tchuh! [Leo STILL _really_ likes trains.]

ahm, ahm! [Leo placed each and every one of those plums in the cake for Papi's birthday.]

Le-o! [Leo learned to say his name -- it's easy now that he knows milk ("lait") and water ("eau"). And he loves to see it written -- especially with the accent]

co-co-LA! [Leo is helping break the biscuits for Paul's birthday chocolate biscuit cake. Co-co-la is Leo's favorite word, after "non".]

Treading on Snakes

Leo enjoyed the snake in the grass at Grounds for Sculpture, a park in southern New Jersey.

So did I!

Plugged In

You see, father, the ethernet cable plugs into this router, here.

And also into my overalls.

And my toes. This is an advanced technique.

For ribbon, you need a doorjamb.

While for thick rope, now...

... you need a big block with a hole in the top to hold it.

Allow me to demonstrate. Honestly, father, I don't know how they let you out of college without knowing this stuff.

Abominable Enfant de Sable

Locals in Sestri Levante, Italy, reported a strange sighting one afternoon. While Paul was hard at work teaching the next generation how to create killer robots (in the last building on the left, below), a sand-covered creature was spotted on a nearby beach.

Emerging from Baia delle Favole below Punta Manara, with bucket and spade in hand...

... wait a minute, that's Leo!

And he found a rock!

Time to catch a wave!