Sunday, January 30, 2011

School Photo Fall of 2010

At Léo's daycare, they took some school photos back in October or so. Note the beautiful sweater knit by Mamie!

Word up

We feel pretty good about the name we chose for Léo. For one thing, he has figured out to spell it (note the accent on the E!):

Léo was quite proud of himself.

We were proud of him, too, but we were even more amazed when this happened... Léo made himself an elevated train (un train élevé):

Then he asked for the letters L and V. And spelled "élevé"! (phonetically)

He is not always so serious. He can be pretty silly about what letters he strings together.

But he is pretty sure there is a "P" in "pluie". After that, he's got ideas on what isn't in it...

Léo's enthusiasm for writing means that sometimes when he sees me pick up a pen, he wants it for himself to draw and write. Which leads me to have to make my lists in the next writing implement available (in this case a red crayon). Paul thought this was a pretty funny list.

Thanks to Natasha for the great wooden letters!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Flying Bag (Le Sac Volant)

Mostly, Léo's stories have to do with trains.

Maybe trucks and diggers.

Or planes.

But occasionally, it'll be something else: frogs having a party, or animals hatching out of eggs. On this day, he made himself a flying bag (akin to a flying carpet, but more snug).

Happy Halloween! (a mere quarter late)

A week or so before Halloween, Leo donned his Bob the Builder plaid jacket, and built himself...

...a Monster Truck!

On the bright day in question, Cousin Simon stepped out in style, clad in pumpkin.

He was joined by Tonton Vlado, a crypto-samurai, and Cousin (Danny) Buzz Lightyear, ready to explore the farthest reaches of their neighborhood in a quest for candy.

Leo wore a builder's cap.

Noemi was decked out in orange and black.

As the evening wound on, Leo got more interested in shaking up leaves than shaking down neighbors for candy.

Danny got in on the act too!

Happy Snowy New Year (a mere month late)

We had a visit from Auntie Rebecca for Christmas. We made a French Yule log:


The day after Christmas, it snowed A LOT:

So Leo got into his bear suit, extra scarf, and jacket to go shovel the snow:

Later, it snowed some more. Paul and Leo did their best to build a snowman with the very powdery snow, but it was really more of a snow cone. With eyes.

Then it snowed again. This time the snow was perfect for building a real snow man!

Paul gave him some eyes made of sippy cup tops.

A good thing, too, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the snow man at all, especially after it snowed again:

Where did our backyard go?

The snow is higher than Leo now. If we make it outside maybe we will take some more photos!