Monday, September 6, 2010

Helping Granddad

Heh-heh-heh, I will sneak up on Granddad, and "help" him!

I see you, you little scallywag!

The Leo and Granddad team!

Close Encounters of a Sheepish Kind

That thing is a lot bigger than me. But if I stay close to Daddy's legs maybe it will think I am as big as it.

All in all though I feel safer up here, looking at what is going on down there.

And what a lot is going on! Grabbing sheep, splashing in footbaths, climbing fences...

Flipping sheep!

And... selling them? What are those two up to?

Aunt Deirdre looks like she knows...

Seaweed: the Trailer

A windy day in Tramore.
Small boy [running gaily]: Eeeeeehhhhhhh! I have a long trailer!

The trailer, like a superhero cape, gives the boy superpowers. He can leap small puddles in several bounds!

He also has the power to give people craaaaazy hair. Full of hearts.

Seaweed: the Movie, coming soon to a theater near you.