Friday, August 31, 2012

Jet (back)pack

End of summer, getting ready to go to school, you say?

No no. Just tying on the jet pack he made himself!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mainely Vacation

It was getting hot in New Jersey, so we decided to migrate North to New Hampshire and Maine for some vacation. Quick update: Leo is 4 and 3/4 now, and as the first photo makes clear, he is a powerhouse. Oh, and I am pregnant -- expecting a baby in the second half of October. 

Showing off our ability to withstand frigid water at Diana's Baths. Also, did I mention I'm pregnant?

There's an incredible model train club in North Conway, NH. Here, Leo watches a model railroadman make some fixes on the track as Thomas speeds by.

Even better: outside, there was the real thing!

Some people get to live in cabooses! (Cabeese?)

The style of the station house puzzled us. It turned out that some rich Dad let his son design it as a graduation present, and the son decided to do it Russian-style. Everything train-related should be designed by enthusiastic sons.

Can we take it home?

In Maine -- hoping for a dip in Lake Sebago -- we miscalculated and came to the area that warned against "bodily contact" with the water to the tune of a $2,500 fine (it's Portland's drinking water). So we looked but did NOT touch.

We made up for it at the Touch Tank in the Portland Children's Museum.

As a bonus, the museum also had a space shuttle to fly.

And a fishing boat to steer.

And a fire engine to drive.

Portland Children's Museum ROCKS.
Along the way ever further North, we dropped in to see my friend Erica's Co-Efficiency Farm.

Their dog and ducks have an Understanding.

The outhouse appealed to the engineer in Leo.

Then on to the coast of Maine. We arrived into Castine on a misty evening, and spotted this seahorse wind-vane.

The next day was lovely and sunny.  Paul grumbled a little.

Leo leaped into action, hording seashells and rocks. Heavy ones.

Thank goodness some were buried, pirate style. Look for the X!