Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday season 2013

We're going to have how many birthdays in October? Three? Yay!

Oh man I've got nothing organized. I'd better get Leo on this pronto!

Work that cousin-calender-computer, brother! We've got to figure out those party logistics, and quick!

Leo's calling in some favors on the dolphin-phone. I think we can make this work!

Nyummy Leo-is-6 cake!

Nyummy Leo-is-6 bread! (Look at it sideways, and think Roman numerals)

Round of applause for Papi for bringing the nyums!

Good thing too, since our own attempt at baking didn't turn out so well.

Papi's bread is so good I'm going to walk around with it for days, bringing it everywhere I go.

Dad and I get a cake too.  There's a cup of tea and some shamrock on it, plus some math, "39 + 1H".  It has been quite a year for us both!

Tomatoes? For me?? How did you know that is exactly what I wanted??? Could it be because you noticed that TOMATOES ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITIST THING ON EARTH except maybe my brother who is funnier if not quite as tasty?

Leo and Mum made a super Glig cake. Gligs are animals that live on Jupiter, my brother knows a lot about them because he flies to Jupiter every night and he is a Glig.

We ate the glig cake with a bunch of Leo's non-glig friends. We're still trying to get the glitter off the floor after that party.  Hooray for October!

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